About us

Hello there, welcome to our online store! 

When did we launch Mommy & Me Tingz ? Back in 2020 to help other families successfully match each other drip during any family event.


 I always had an independent streak. I like to set my own schedule and be my own boss, always. Growing up I sold candy to the kids in my neighborhood then as I got older I started doing hair. Shortly after I got pregnant with my first born child and that motivated me to go even harder in the business industry. I never wanted to work a 9-5 for any other company/corporate if it wasn’t mine so, I launched a clothing business and made my first 22k within 2 years. That motivated others around me and I’m such an genuine soul and hustler so every time I seen others working an 9-5 or having issues with their job I always helped and motivated them to start their own company as well. No matter who it was! Day in and day out I was helping people launch, register, and build businesses no matter the industry for free. So far I successfully helped over 15 people become their own boss and I’m proud of myself. I  always thought more and more of how to create another source of income based off my own businesses because I always had that mindset that I'm going to be my own boss and build my brand. Now look at me doing just that even with kids on my hip and pressure of my businesses on my back, I'll never give up!

Mommy And Me Tingz make it easy to shop for you and your children when it comes to family fashion! We have over 20+ matching styles to choose from and we have all sizes for the children from newborn up to big kids 12 youth in most clothing, fast shipping, free returns, and more!